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Your home is like the heart of your family; it is witness to your family’s hopes, dreams, achievements and struggles. Your home is your pride and joy and offers you protection against the cold and the rain. Chances are, you would do anything to protect your home and keep it safe and while you may not be able to prevent natural disasters and accidents from damaging your home, you can protect yourself against them.

You need the right insurance for your home, property and contents—but that insurance does no good if the deductible is too high, the premium unaffordable and the insurance company unable to come through on their promises. When you work with The Insurance Center, we help find insurance for you that is perfectly tailored to your needs and issued by an insurance company highly rated by A.M. Best so you can sleep in peace.

Did you know you can even enjoy less expensive insurance—with no compromise on the coverage—when you cover your automobile and home under the same policy? Automobile insurance helps keep your life running even when your car isn’t-- whether it is required by your state or not. With auto insurance, you can replace your car after theft, repair your car after an accident, pay for others’ medical bills and property damage, and pay the medical bills you and your family experience after an accident that may not be covered by your health insurance. With the right auto insurance you can even get a car rental to keep your life on track while you wait for your car.

Our local insurance experts can get you the best coverage for your home, RV and automobile while working with our industry contacts to create an affordable, comprehensive policy with deductibles that make sense for your budget. Call us today and we will review the coverage you have and show you how we can lower your premium costs without sacrificing your coverage. When you shop for insurance with The Insurance Center, you get affordable premiums for comprehensive coverage while working with insurance professionals that leverage their access to multiple carriers offering the most competitive pricing and benefits in your local market.

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