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Ensure Economic Stability in Your Future Posted on : 6th Nov 2009

The everyday fluctuation in the stock market can make even the most adversity-hardened investor cringe. With your retirement savings constantly at risk, it can be difficult to take economic hardships and market corrections in stride. A fixed annuity can be the key to building a background support system that ensures a fixed retirement income that you can depend on—no matter what kind of year the Dow has.

Fixed annuities are contracts issued by an insurance company that take contributions from you and turn them into a guaranteed income at retirement. Your contributions grow at a guaranteed, fixed rate during the accumulation phase and then they annuitize and pay out a set monthly payment for:

  1. Your life (Straight Life Annuity)
  2. The life of you and your spouse (Joint and Last Survivor Annuity)
  3. A certain period of time (Period Certain Annuity)


Much like other qualified accounts, the assets in your annuity grow on a tax-deferred basis. They offer many benefits including death benefits so there is no concern over lost contributions, and they offer something that no IRA can—a predictable and sustainable stream of retirement funds that you and your spouse can depend on.

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