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Life insurance: What are you waiting for? Posted on : 6th Nov 2009

If you are like half of all Americans, your only life insurance coverage is through a group policy offered by your employer. Unfortunately, while most people understand that they need more life insurance for their loved ones, they have not done anything about it.  While there are many popular excuses for avoiding the task of finding life insurance coverage, there are also compelling reasons why these excuses are unacceptable.

Excuse #1: I don’t know what I need.  The Insurance Center has been helping consumers with their life insurance needs for 15 years. We can help you discover the perfect amount of life insurance for you.

Excuse #2: Can I afford it?  High price is a common misconception.  Term life insurance is very inexpensive; a healthy 45-year old male can get $500,000 of term life insurance for as little as $350 a year!

Excuse #3: I’m too busy to meet with a bunch of different agents and answer questions.  After just one phone call to our agency we can compare the rates of 10 different life insurance companies for you. We can ensure that you get the best policy at the best price.

Excuse #4: I don’t want to think about death.  Life is full of the unexpected but there are two things that are certain--and only one of them is taxes.  The best time to buy life insurance is today because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. 
Life insurance is not for you, it is to ensure that the ones you love will be provided for after you are gone.  Call us today to get your affordable quote.

And remember, when you think of insurance, think The Insurance Center for all of your insurance needs!

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